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(image for) #7400 Grounded 3-Wire Iron

#7400 Grounded 3-Wire Iron
Price: $47.55

Our most outstanding 3-wire production iron is the 7400. The iron is completely grounded from plug to tip and adapts for use with more than 40 ... more info

(image for) #7500 Grounded 3-Wire Handle

#7500 Grounded 3-Wire Handle
Price: $73.28

Expansion of the standard handle line now adds a 3-wire modular handle #7500. The handle includes thread-together adaptability and when assembled ... more info

(image for) #7760 Grip Handle

#7760 Grip Handle
Price: $28.64

#7500 grounded 3-wire modular handle. The "S" and uHP" heaters also adapt to the new #7760 handle and #1450 ungrounded 2-wire handle. ... more info

(image for) 1 1/4" Eyebolt Kit

1 1/4" Eyebolt Kit
Price: $13.80

Because mounting hardware can be the weak link in any belt / harness installation, Deist Safety has put a major emphasis on these components. For ... more info

(image for) 10 lb Cold-Fire Refill

10 lb Cold-Fire Refill
Price: $194.55

(image for) 10 lb Cold-FIre Replacement Cartridge

10 lb Cold-FIre Replacement Cartridge
Price: $550.05

10 lb Cold-Fire Replacement cartridge for the Cold-Fire Flame-Out System.

(image for) 10 lb Cold-Fire System

10 lb Cold-Fire System
Price: $803.15

Cold Fire 302 is a fire suppressing agent for Class B oil/fuel fires. Also suitable for Class wood and paper fires. It suppresses quickly, prevents ... more info

(image for) 12' Gas & Alcohol Boat Parachute (180 mph)

12' Gas & Alcohol Boat Parachute (180 mph)
Price: $845.01

12 ft Gas and Alcohol boat chute. (Up to 180 MPH / 400 lbs.). Deist is credited with developing the first boat drag chutes in the late 60’s. We ... more info

(image for) 12' Motorcycle or Snowmobile Chute

12' Motorcycle or Snowmobile Chute
Price: $415.65

Please note that parachutes are available according to stock. Should your purchase be an item that is currently out of stock, there will be a 2-4 ... more info

(image for) 12' Ribbon Parachute

12' Ribbon Parachute
Price: $745.89

Ribbon and ring parachutes have similarities to annular designs. They are frequently designed to deploy at supersonic speeds. A conventional ... more info